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commercial financing

Liberty Bank consistently ranks as southwest Missouri's #1 SBA lender. So, what's different about Liberty Bank? We have experienced commercial lenders and a unique team environment to help you with your questions. We offer a variety of commercial loans that can be tailored to your specific needs. And, regardless of the size of loan you need, the credit decision will be made locally, giving you the fastest possible answer on your loan.

Loan Products

  • Commercial Real Estate Financing-

    You want your business to grow and prosper. What better way to grow than having a new, or your first, brick and mortar location? Liberty Bank has been the leading Small Business Lender in Southwest Missouri for 15 years and counting. We have the answers and expertise to lend to your business growth. Call one of our qualified Loan Officers and discuss your growth options. 417-888-3000.

  • SBA Loans – Whether you're starting a new company, purchasing an existing firm, or planning to expand your current business, Liberty Bank and the SBA can provide you with terms you may not be able to find elsewhere including a longer repayment period, lower monthly payments, and lower down payment.  >Click for more information

  • Agriculture Financing – You’ve got work to do. So whether you’re needing a new bailer for the back 40, or another head of cattle to put on the front 40, we can help you get that work done. Call and talk to a qualified Loan Officer about your Ag Loan options. 417-888-3000.

Loan Options

  • Line of Credit - Typically used for interim financing for construction projects.
  • Revolving Line of Credit - A credit agreement that allows you to borrow, repay and borrow again, without reapplying. Often used to purchase inventory, carry accounts receivable, or ease seasonal cash flow problems.
  • Letter of Credit - An arrangement that allows your business to substitute Liberty Bank's credit standing for your own.
  • Term Loan - Installment loans which provide a more permanent increase in working capital. Ideal for financing equipment, vehicles, real estate and expansion/acquisitions.