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Liberty Bank's Community Partners Program

At Liberty Bank, our community is who we are. We stay true to the idea that living as well as working here requires us to offer even more than quality financial resources: By investing in our neighborhoods-by supporting charitable organizations and volunteering our time-we invest in each other. In that way, we truly are a bank "For The Rest Of Us."

We are committed to making an impact in our communities by supporting Community and Economic Development, Education, and Arts and Culture in involvements like these...

  • Programs that support affordable housing for low and moderate income people and communities
  • Economic development projects that improve the quality of life for low and moderate income individuals and communities, sustain economic development and support job skills
  • Support for not-for-profit organizations that provide credit and homeownership counseling, and other financial education to low and moderate income individuals
  • Programs that enable and sustain independence for individuals and families
  • Scholarship Programs that benefit low and moderate income areas and/or students
  • Programs that help keep a broad array of artistic opportunities and venues available to the greatest number of people, and make certain they reflect the diversity of our community

Who we help

Liberty Bank donations and contributions are awarded to qualified nonprofit organizations located in the communities we serve. Eligible organizations must be nonprofit, tax-exempt as defined in section 501(c) 3 of the Internal Revenue code, or a public service organization or institution. While these criteria are applicable to all nonprofit grants, sponsorships opportunities for nonprofit organizations may extend beyond these guidelines.

At Liberty Bank, we live and work in the communities we serve. And that's why it's important to each of us to make a difference here. Liberty Bank associates donate countless hours each year to local initiatives and non-profit organizations that have a positive impact on those around us. If your organization could benefit from our volunteers, let us know.

Liberty Bank does not typically make contributions to support certain types of requests. These include but are not limited to:

  • Individuals
  • Individual youth sports teams
  • Programs that are not in the Liberty Bank service area
  • International organizations
  • Political Action Committees, political causes, or candidates
  • Grants requiring obligations of more than one (1) year
  • Golf outings or tournaments
  • Religious organizations, unless they are engaged in a significant nonsectarian project that benefits a broad base in the community
  • Private foundations
  • Organizations that discriminate against any race, color, creed, sex, marital status, or handicap

How to Apply

To apply for support from Liberty Bank's Community Partners Program, please complete this application electronically, using the fields provided. Please print out the application, sign and mail to the address provided or email it to In addition to the application, applicants may also submit a cover letter of up to two 8.5" x 11" pages and pertinent organization or program material. If it is deemed necessary, Liberty Bank will request further specific information from the applicant.

Applications are welcomed at any time and are accepted on a continuous basis throughout the year.